Our session goes at your pace, with time for playing and chatting. The best images of you are when you are comfortable and happy.


The portrait session can either be held in your home or at a public location. Each have their own advantages and style.


I need your help to create a beautiful portrait. From your clothing choice to your enthusiasm, you are the key ingredient to a good photo.


The best location depends on what type of session it is and what kind of images you want to end up with.

Newborn sessions really are best held in your home, meaning you don’t need to transport your precious new arrival anywhere. You have access to all the conveniences of home, so that changing, feeding and settling your baby are as easy as possible. The familiar environment can also be soothing for everyone.

For older babies and children, it is still often convenient to remain at home, in order to maintain your child at their most relaxed and natural. However, public locations can also be fun and often give a chance to capture some of the joy and excitement that new environments give children. If your family love the outdoors, natural environments like beaches or bushland can work really well.

The images from outdoor sessions are often more vibrant and likely to capture more spontaneous moments, with the opportunity for amazing light if we choose the right time and place. Indoors sessions result in a more polished look and if we use the studio set up with the light, the detail is incredibly sharp.


When I come to your home, I will bring with me a portable backdrop, a big light and some other photographic props to set up a studio.

If you prefer a less formal style of photography, we can forget the backdrop and just find pockets in your home for some lifestyle photography.

When on location, I just carry my camera and accessories and we move around to various backgrounds in the environment. These sessions are far more random but can also produce some stunning images.


The question I am asked most often is “What do we wear?”

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on what kind of photographs you want to come away with. Do you want to be well-presented or is casual clothing the real essence of you? Will you be displaying your photographs on the wall or in an album or digital collection? Does your child love dressing up or dislike wearing clothing at all?

We look best when we’re at ease in what we’re wearing. Some little girls may feel like princesses in frills and lace, yet others will feel prickly and uncomfortable. You know your child best and will know what they like and look best in.

Solid colours and natural weave fabrics tend to photograph well, as do well-cut items of clothing like shirts and dresses. It’s usually best to avoid character themed prints as these can date the image and distract the viewer away from the subject.

If you have more than one child or if you would like to be in some family group photos, choose complimentary colours and styles to maintain a group harmony in the photographs. If you have chosen a muted colour for one child, a bright colour may look out of place next to it and you would be better off sticking to muted or neutral tones. By the same token, if you love bright, festive colours then make a theme out of it and dress all the children in similar wear. Different shades of just one colour can give a cohesive feel to group portraits.