I love meeting new people and engaging with you and your children (and/or pets!). Taking some time to get to know you helps me capture better images.


From a lifelong passion for drawing portraits to the eight years I've been running my photography business, making images has always been a part of my life. 


While I have developed my photography through a love of learning, I am currently formalizing my education by undertaking a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Photography at Murdoch Uni.


Photography is something nearly everyone has done in one way or another and covers a wide range of experiences. It can be about catching a fleeting moment. Sometimes photography is used for documenting accurate details. Or as a visual diary of our lives. Sometimes it is using light to paint an artwork that may be as complex or abstract as any other media.

In my work, I like to think I use the camera as the medium to create a portrait of a person. The method of creating this portrait begins with you, with finding the right light and clicking at the right moment. But it doesn't end there. Once the images are loaded onto my computer, I sometimes use more than one image to create your portrait. I inspect every face and clean up specks of dry skin and fleeting blemishes, I wipe marks off clothing. I adjust colours and tones to give the subject the best advantage.

For while it is lovely to capture the scraped knees and dirty faces of day to day living in our photographs (and be assured I love these of my own children), a portrait is more about a person in that year rather than in that moment and I like to think we would rather be displayed at our best. If a pimple or a rash doesn't tell a story you want to remember, then why keep it?

This doesn't mean I expect you to sit in a formal position and make a practiced smile. The best images are ones that capture some movement and vibrancy in the original photograph and portray an essence of truth. Which I then polish and present as a portrait.


I've always loved art and especially portraiture since a young age. I remember making a book of portraits when I was in primary school. My sister got a polaroid camera one birthday and I marveled at the way you could capture images so quickly. I remember developing black and white film in primary school and passing out in the darkroom from the fumes. It wasn't until the senior years of high school that I ventured back into a darkroom and got my first SLR camera.

Little did I imagine that years later I would be shooting digital, "developing" on a computer and earning an income from photography!

In 2007, I started the work that has become my business, going into homes and taking photographs of families. With a family of my own, this work is nice and flexible. In 2010 I added landscape and nature photography to my range and have also been working as a graphic designer developing signage and other design work. In 2011 I partnered with my good friend Vanessa to form Blooming Bellies, photographing Vanessa's bodypaintings. In 2015, I decided to go back to uni and commenced a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Photography.

So, that's some of what I've done, but what about "me"?

I love to laugh, I'm smart, considerate, earnest. I have an odd sense of humour. And I am fat.

Being fat shouldn't really come into it. But it does. So much that I was going to wait until I lost weight before starting the business. But apparently if you load too much onto the expectation of losing weight, it actually makes it easier to hold on to the weight as an excuse for not achieving.

So, I decided to start doing what I love anyway and am thankful that I did. Each session, each group of images of gorgeous people, adds to the richness of my existence. And at the end of the day, it has to be better to live life than to waste time waiting for conditions to be perfect.