Life is a funny thing. In the darkness, points of light glow ever brighter and take on greater significance. Right now, it’s a dark time in my friend Emily’s life. She is facing a beast she has already fought twice before and while she knows more about the battle now than ever, there is still the unknown. Yet in times of fear and sadness, bubbles of joy exist and that is where Emily and I spent our day yesterday. Laughing and plotting and defying this lurking monster they call cancer.

Forced smiles and plastered-on faces are common during trials of hardship but that’s not what this was. I felt genuinely happy, enjoying the company of an amazing person, a true friend. The reality is that her journey is a tough one and the end is unknown but these bubbles, these moments of happiness are what makes life worth living. And I realised that is what I do, as a photographer, I capture these times for people to give them company and comfort when the road becomes rocky.

These bubbles of happiness sustain us and give us strength to fight. In this specific case, these photographs give us a real person to connect with the world in Emily’s quest to increase Asian donation of stem cells and ultimately find the donor that might save her life.

I know this doesn’t reach too many people but while I’m here writing, I want to implore anyone who stumbles upon it to share the following link with their friends, just in case you or they are the one:

And if you’ve seen it before, share it again, or go to the YouTube channel and share a video. Apparently it takes 8 exposures to information before a person will be moved to action and we really need the action now. Lives are at stake.

So here are the photos I captured of Emily and her beautiful boy Luke, with love:

Please donate.

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  • Joy, beauty, Emily, her gorgeous family, captured on this day, happy, what a very special gift you have Cathryn and I am so glad you and Emily had such a beautiful day 🙂

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