Group Buy Portrait Photo Shoot $85 per family

Group Buy Portrait Photo Shoot

What does the $85 include?

You get a 20-minute photo shoot with an experienced photographer and 6 carefully selected and processed high-resolution digital images in both black and white and colour that you can download from your personal online gallery within a week of the session.

I want this! What do I have to do?

All it takes is 5 easy steps.

Step 1

Scroll down and fill in the Reserve My Place form.

Step 2

Share the deal with your family and friends (you can use the handy social media buttons below or copy and paste the link yourself).

Wait for all six slots on your chosen day to be filled (sharing helps this go faster).

Step 3

Receive confirmation, lock in your time slot, pay $85 for your session.

Step 4

Turn up on the day of the shoot and have your photo taken.

Step 5

Download your photos from my convenient online gallery, share them with friends and family, turn them into gifts, print them for yourself. All done!

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Saturday 21st January
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why so cheap?

In evaluating my market, I realised there were many families who would love photos but are put off by the cost of a full photo shoot and album. By streamlining my workflow, I am able to extend the gift of professional portrait photography to more people.

How long will this offer be available?

At this stage, the offer is limited to the session dates listed on this page. I will need to run a few sessions to see whether I save enough time by grouping the sessions to make it workable.

Do the other people have to be my friends or family?

No, each booking gets their own a 20-minute slot. If you do have friends or family having photos on the same day, you are welcome to book back-to-back slots and have a photo taken together.

Do I have to pay when I book?

There's no need to pay until all the session slots have been filled. Once that happens, I will contact you to confirm the details and send an electronic invoice for payment.

What if the other session slots don't get filled?

I can only run the session if all 6 slots are filled. So make sure you ask your friends and family to share the offer so you don't miss out! If your preferred session date passes without getting filled, you can sign up for the next date on offer.

When do I have to pay?

You can pay online once the booking is confirmed and before the photo shoot.

When will I get my photos?

I will send you a link to your online gallery, where you can view, share and download the images from your photo shoot, within one week of your session.

How many photos do I get?

You will receive 6 digital images, usually valued at $50 each. That's over 70% off!

Why 6 images?

In this digital age, we can take as many photos as we like. Part of being a professional photographer is not only taking good images but also choosing which images to present out of those taken. I have spent years developing my eye and consider that choosing the images is a large part of the service I offer. You will receive six good quality images without the difficulty of having to pick them yourself from a large bunch.

Even though we take many photos, it's often the one or two photos of a person or event that persist through time. I'm here to help ensure that your surviving photographs are good ones.

What if I want the photos in black and white?

I love black and white photos so I convert every image and include both the black and white and colour versions in your downloadable gallery.

Do I get the photo files on a USB or CD?

You can copy the files onto a USB or CD as well as your computer hard drive when you download them directly from your online gallery. I recommend making multiple copies for greatest security.

Can I print the photos?

Yes, the photo files will be high resolution and suitable for printing.

Do you print the photos?

If you would like to print through me, I can organise the printing for a fee.

What should we wear to the photo shoot?

You can wear anything you feel comfortable in and that represents who you are right now.

For the group portraits, it works best if you coordinate your clothing with each other. I don't mean that you should wear identical outfits, just that the colours should be harmonious and the style should be the same level of formality. For more details, check out the What to Wear section of my Session Info page.

What if I want to choose the date and location?

If you can get at least 6 families together, I will travel to a location of your choice within the Perth metro region for $85 per family.

This can be a great option for large family gatherings or community group events. Be sure to book well in advance to ensure you get your chosen date.

To organise your group session, send me a message via my Contact Page and we can discuss the details.

Alternately, if don't want to worry about organising people and would like a personal session with more images for just your family, I have a Digital Special for $265 that you might be interested in.